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Empower the next generation through better transportation

Bussr’s transport management technology optimizes safety for school children and improves operating efficiency for education providers. 


Safer students, happier parents

Bussr helps schools catch up on transportation trends to make sure that all students, including those with special needs, are cared for. Both parents and school administrators will enjoy an unprecedented peace of mind, thanks to real-time updates about bus routes and locations.


We are reshaping student mobility


By developing tailored tools, we're enabling schools and parents to:

Track students on and off boarding.

Improve bus routes and decrease travel time.

Analyze and increase attendance rates.

What we offer

Branded Apps

Use your brand elements to communicate the simplest mobility experience.


As fast and seamless as your operations.


Assess and regulate mobility operators by collecting and evaluating insightful data.


Identify the right service for your customers.

Real-Time Schedules

Earn your customers' trust and loyalty by providing accurate real-time updates.

Data Manager

Manage transit data easily with the most intuitive GTFS editor.


Get set up with the right solutions for you.


Discover our products, technology, and culture on our blog.

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