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A budget-friendly system

Easy on the pocket, heavy on the returns

Allow your customers to pay over time while you get paid up-front, win-win.

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How Pay-Later drives more revenue

Boost order value.

Give your customers incentive to lift your average order value up to 60%.

Increase conversion rates.

By paying later, 30% more customers go to checkout.

Reduce cart abandonment.

Make your products seem more encouraging to customers, their cart won't be left unattended. 

Retain loyalty.

A pay-later feature will keep the customers coming.

Built for ambitious operators

Integrate quickly and seamlessly.


Customize Widget and Checkout to match your theme.


Manage orders and refunds as usual.


Receive insights and analytics on your customers' spending behavior.

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Pay Later 2.png

Make mobility more accessible, make passengers more loyal

Offer flexible payments internationally.

Track orders to keep your customers up to date.

Help customers check out by Highest Approval Rates.

Never has there been an easier pay-later checkout

No signups

Get your customers to the payment page without sign up forms to higher conversions.

Integrate with wallet

Integrate your checkout with your favorite payment methods to further streamline the checkout process for your customers and create a bump-free journey.

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How it works


Customer pays with Bussr.

Customers split their payments by choosing Bussr at checkout.


Process your bookings.

You fulfill your booking as usual like your other payment methods.


Get paid.

Your funds will be deposited into your account upfront taking on all credit and fraud risk.

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