BUSSR Terms & Conditions


  1. Ticket paid using OVO payment is non-refundable, cancelling your ticket will void your payment.

  2. Booking Fee is temporarily waived and might change in the future without prior notice.

  3. Ticket is only valid for the date and time of the ticket 

  4. Passengers need to show ticket bought as proof to relevant person (agent, driver) who will verify and allow the passenger to enter the bus

  5. Due to operational reasons, departure time, bus type and route can change without prior notice

  6. Passengers are not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks, any type of weapons, animals / pets and other dangerous items into the bus

  7. For help and complaints please contact our customer service by clicking the help button on the menu page.

  8. Passengers are required to safeguard their own belongings during the trip, during rest time, or even when entering and getting off the bus. Any losses, damages and accidental exchanges of luggage are the responsibility of the passenger.

PO Pahala Kencana Terms & Conditions

1. Maximum Baggage allowance for one passenger is 25 kg. Extra baggage will be charged an additional fee.

2. Refund is applicable if:

  • Route code departure is cancelled and the passenger cannot be moved or there is no substitute bus for the passenger

  • There is a change in date at most one (1) day before departure date. According to the terms and conditions in the period determined by the company

3. Refund does NOT apply if:

  • Ticket cancellation is done on the day of departure.

  • Passengers did not arrive 30 minutes before departure or after boarding check-in process has been carried out and the bus is ready to depart, 

  • Passengers decided themselves to cancel departure or do not arrive on day of departure

  • Passengers arrived after the bus departs

  • Passengers who have tickets at promo prices / low ticket prices and for tickets free / free

  • Departure schedules have changed due to operational reasons and have been informed via SMS /e-mail /WA by Customer Service in advance

  • Passengers try to cancel before the date of departure in the event of a surge in passengers (peak season), or in the period specified by the company

4. Rescheduling

  • Rescheduling request can only be made at maximum one (1) day before departure date with a 50% administration fee applied.

  • If there is a price difference in ticket price the cost of the difference will be imposed to passenger

5. For more information regarding Refunds, Ticket Rescheduling and Pahala Kencana Frequent Rider point, please contact Pahala Kencana Call Centre at (021) 4517375 or visit https://pahalakencana.co.id/


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