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Enabling MaaS for Public Transit.


A global shift in urban mobility

Urban travel used to be a chaotic dance, where passengers had to book unrelated modes of transport with schedules based on decades-old tradition, rather than data.

Today, Bussr's Mobility-as-a-Service brings a choreographed elegance to urban travel, by seamlessly linking micromobility, ride-sharing, and public transport to create one easy-to-book journey. 


We believe Bussr's Mobility-as-a-Service model will change the way people travel forever — meaning fewer single-occupant vehicles, less congestion, reduced pollution, happier cities, and healthier people. 


What Mobility-as-a-Service is About

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is all about making personal mobility as easy and A to B. This means that instead of hunting down separate bookings for trains, buses, subways, and taxis, passengers can simply open the Bussr app, enter point A and point B, and let Bussr's intelligent algorithms plan the best route.

When we say the best route, we mean it. Bussr can pick the optimal passenger route based on time, distance, cost, and even carbon footprint. 

In time, we believe these benefits will make Mobility-as-a-Service the preferred option over personal vehicle use, redefining the way people travel to school, work, and family.


A better world with Mobility-as-a-Service

Reduced Single-Occupant Vehicle Use


In the beginning, people rely less on single-occupant vehicle use. In time,  the general public will prefer not to buy personal vehicles, and instead use efficient, green, and inexpensive mobility solutions with Mobility-as-a-Service.

Less Travelling, More Doing


Because Mobility-as-a-Service provides the most optimal modes of transport, people can spend more time doing what they love, whether it be learning, working, or spending time with family. 

Clearer Roads


Roads choked with congestion will be a thing of the past, making space for people, not cars. 

Cleaner Skies


Fewer cars mean less pollution, so we can give our children the clean green cities they deserve. 

A sense of community


When people of all walks of life share the same modes of transport, a big city can become a little village.


MaaS will work with your public transport system

Not only is MaaS beneficial on many levels, but it's also incredibly easy to integrate Bussr's MaaS systems into your legacy transit systems.

Talk to us today about how you can use Bussr's SDK to integrate Bussr's MaaS services into your existing system with plug and play ease.

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