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Easier commutes with high-tech solutions

Helping employers and business districts increase productivity by facilitating transportation for their teams.

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Liberate your customers from mobility ordeals

Let us help you eliminate congestion and parking issues to retain employees and attract new businesses.

Get your employees to work on time

Bussr's solutions for employers make employee commutes easier, improve retention rates, and guarantee they get to work quickly and efficiently.

Parking spaces become unnecessary.
Improvement in recruiting and retaining employees.
Increase in productivity and decrease employee stress.
Better work-life balance.
Talents based far from headquarters will now be interested.

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On-demand shuttles could be a gamechanger

Track and adjust operation hours, areas, and vehicle capacity.
Cut down on parking expenses and traffic.
Receive high-quality data to design, plan, and continuously optimize your service.
Boost employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention.


Key benefits for your business

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A sustainable alternative to private cars.

An efficient last-mile solution.

Spend less on parking facilities.

Access traffic patterns for more optimization.

What we offer

Branded Apps

Use your brand elements to communicate the simplest mobility experience.


As fast and seamless as your operations.


Assess and regulate mobility operators by collecting and evaluating insightful data.


Identify the right service for your customers.

Real-Time Schedules

Earn your customers' trust and loyalty by providing accurate real-time updates.

Data Manager

Manage transit data easily with the most intuitive GTFS editor.

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Get started with transportation for teams.


Discover our products, technology, and culture on our blog.

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