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Throwing Illiquidity Under the Bus: Sonny Siena’s Strife for Cashflow

Don’t bite your nails over bank debts. Bussr gives you access to financing that won’t put your kidneys at stake.

Liquidity is what every growing business runs out of, especially if the growth is accelerated. My name is Sonny Marpaung, founder of Sonny Siena, a mobility company managing buses and I know that there’s no shame in growing fast, but accumulating bank debts can be ugly. I’m not a small business anymore. I started facing more complicated cash flow problems, and as I hired more staff I needed to make sure they’re comfortable in a bigger office that recognizes their personal before their professional space. Also with COVID-19 in the air, that meant we needed to equip the headquarters with ventilators and outsource a small health unit for impromptu PCR tests.

I considered taking a loan from the bank, it wasn’t going to be my smartest or safest option. All the paperwork and bureaucracy would have been so frustrating, I couldn’t afford the time spent on being defeated by archaic financial institutions with their arbitrary fees. I felt safer with Bussr, which didn’t judge me by my credit ranking, nor imposed haphazard fees here and there and best of all didn’t keep me waiting to access my funds, it only took days within a week, no exaggeration. A true-to-itself 360 solution to all things payment, including paying for your own company’s expenses.


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