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Payment solutions for the future of mobility.

Our story starts with you...

In 2019, Bussr launched as an app to help guide and transit people effectively using busses. Then we realized we could do more. Much more.

Today, more than 900 transport partners and millions of travelers around the world have discovered firsthand how Bussr’s AI technology has reshaped the transport sector as we know it. It is our sincere conviction that the future lies in mass transit such as buses, subways, trains, and ferries, as well as walking and cycling.​

To make that happen, we must make those travel alternatives better, cheaper, and more efficient than single-occupant vehicle use.

That drives Bussr to expand our shared mobility technologies to allow people to move freely.

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Who we are...

Bussr sees a future where our cities are no longer choked by traffic but rather liberated by choreographed, seamless leaps from place to place.

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Bussr’s software orchestrates smart mobility solutions around the world — leaving our cities free to breathe again.

What we do...

It used to be that people had to book travel manually, linking up different travel methods at different times that are as close to convenient as possible. Transport providers ran on schedules based on decades-old tradition, more so than real-time data. 

Today, Bussr’s revolutionary artificial intelligence allows organizations across transit agencies, cities, and governments to radically optimize their mobility services' planning and operations for a cleaner, greener future. 

With Bussr, your citizens will have better, cheaper, and more efficient alternatives to single-occupant vehicle use, creating cities that future generations deserve. 




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