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Foggy Forest

Creating a greener tomorrow.

Improving the Global Environment

Bussr’s commitment to an environmentally friendly future is undertaken both internally and externally. Internally, Bussr is committed to becoming a zero-emissions enterprise within 10 years with an annual 10% decrease in its comprehensive carbon footprint.
Externally, Bussr’s payments infrastructure for mobility services tackles the reduction of emissions and waste by reducing plastic-based paper ticketing and combustion-engine vehicle presence among many initiatives.

Wide-Reaching Social Impact

Through its digitized solutions, Bussr provides communities with convenience and accessibility to payment solutions for their mobility requirements which elevate their quality of life.
Moreover, its offerings promote the use of sustainable mobility solutions such as ride-hailing which contribute towards the fostering of shared mobility services resulting in reduced noise and congestion in cities.

ESG Alignment

Bussr’s commitment towards providing reliable and efficient payments infrastructures for mobility services means a continued dedication to working hand in hand with stakeholders across the board to increase ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) compliance.
As ESG’s importance as an investment criterion gains importance, Bussr aligns with ESG practices by delivering better long-term, environmental, and social value for all stakeholders.


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