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Growing With a Founder’s Best Friend: The Life Cycle of My Mobility Company

How cutting-edge payments infrastructures can change the face of a company, reward its employees and satisfy its customers.

While the size of a company is often always measured by the size of investment financing it, metrics for payment solutions are a whole other story. This is a story about a growing mobility company run by yours truly. My name is Intan and I know for a fact that I don’t need to spend a lot of money to fix problems related to sales, cash flow, expansion which all unfortunately impede my company’s journey to growth.

Hiring staff to collect payments and issue tickets seemed to me like a very medieval step to take considering the tools that humanity had been bestowed upon by decades of innovation since the start of the internet age. All I needed was an online solution that acted as a one-stop-shop for payments and bookings. With that, I can save a lot of logistical hurdles within my team as well as their talents that can be used in more creative, and in turn productive, tasks.

My business is growing exponentially with a busy online platform accepting, verifying and making recurring bookings on the go, thanks to a brilliantly engineered Point Of Sales system. Not only that, my team also receives regular insights and trends to keep us up to date with what’s happening beyond our sales.

Remember when I said a minute ago that the size of my team didn’t matter? Well, that didn’t last long. Eventually I needed to add fresh blood as well as veterans in different fields to level up with the size of success I was managing. After all, I’m not a small business anymore. I started facing more complicated cash flow problems, and as I hired more staff I needed to make sure they’re comfortable in a bigger office that recognizes their personal before their professional space. Also with COVID-19 in the air, that meant we needed to equip the headquarters with ventilators and outsource a small health unit for impromptu PCR tests. Other than that, work can get very heavy on the shoulders of every person on the team, which meant we needed to block our calendars for a retreat at least every year, not to mention dinners and happy hours.

Too much financing to handle, right? That’s what I thought until our payment solutions provider, Bussr, brought it to my attention that they offer funding services as well! I considered taking a loan from the bank directly, it wasn’t going to be my smartest or safest option. All the paperwork and bureaucracy would have been so frustrating. I felt safer with Bussr, which didn’t judge me by my credit ranking, facilitated my bank loans so smoothly and best of all didn’t keep me waiting to access my funds, it only took days within a week, no exaggeration. A true-to-itself 360 solution to all things payment, including paying for your own company’s expenses.


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