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A High-Speed Payments Platform

Payments as fast as a train can drive

Gone are the days when transport operators are burdened with large upfront investments to install their booking systems. With cutting-edge technology, we have made payment as easy as A to B.

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A network of high-speed fare payments

Our Payments-as-a-Service model has a mechanism that shares costs among thousands of fellow transport operators around the world, placing the booking system at a reasonable price and therefore cost-effective.

Bussr allows operators to fully leverage Mobility as a Service (MaaS), mobile booking, contactless EMV, and account-based payment for a full suite of booking and payment options. ​


​Beat your rivals with Massimo

Massimo will slot your transport operation into top gear — join over 1,000 operators, private transport agencies, corporates, and schools around the world that get ahead with Bussr’s payment platform.

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Bussr’s payment never yields

Bussr is in constant pursuit of innovation. If you are a trailblazing Systems Integrator, Mobility as a Service (Maas) provider, payment, or transportation company, let’s join forces to make mobility more accessible.

Payment Resources

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