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Move goods smartly

Fuel your deliveries with a smart payment infrastructure

Get equipped with end-to-end technology that will allow you to move more goods with less resources. Bussr's Logistics is here to help in route planning, managing a fleet, and dispatching to customers.

More efficiency, more revenue.

Utilize your fleet better, combining same-day and next-day deliveries with the help of an automatic route planner. 

Make your customers happy.

Create a world-class experience for your customers with every delivery, accumulating satisfaction, trust and loyalty.

Manage in real-time.

Keep an eye on each delivery with our real-time technology giving you access to the status and location of your deliveries, and powering you with seamless communication tools.


A toolkit for all things logistics

Give your customers peace of mind

Allow your customers and team to track in real-time using a simple, live interface; from coordinating logistics until receiving confirmation that the order has been completed.

Bussr's toolkit for Logistics also includes seamless communication between operators and drivers to guarantee smooth deliveries. Your team will have a live, detailed view of your fleet and the status of all ongoing and upcoming orders.


Max out on productivity and revenues

Our advanced dispatching algorithm and dynamic route planner will reduce the number of miles driven and provide the most accurate delivery times.

Planning made easy

Provide a better service without making your work more difficult. Keep track of your orders and schedules using a toolkit that can seamlessly combine same-day and next-day deliveries, and automatically plan efficient routes, allowing for manual overrides when needed. 


Optimize and adapt

Take real-time conditions into account, optimize and adapt quickly. Our algorithm factors in traffic and explores detours to direct your couriers efficiently and guarantee they never miss a delivery.

Never was a transition this easy

Merge all your data and easily transition into our platform. Bussr’s Logistics toolkit will be happy to get along with all your current tools, which may include website, CRM, inventory management system, you name it. Your service will be up and running before you know it.


Test and launch

With our algorithm and your unique knowledge combined you get a golden opportunities to test the service before launching. Seeing it in action will boost confidence in your operations, team and ultimately your customers.

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