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Find solutions to funding problems

Times can be tough on cashflows during growth and expansion. This is where the role of Bussr Capital comes in, providing businesses with quick and easy access to funds.

Swim in liquidity pools, not cash flow problems.

Don't have Bussr yet? Start a 90-day free trial now.


Skip the bureaucracy.

Minimal paperwork and no credit checks.

Get funding quickly.

Receive your funding in a few days.

Settle up with sales.

Reimburse funding from your sales, one a percentage at a time.

Three ways to fuel your growth with Bussr

Payroll Funding

Expand your team and reward the talent that you need in your journey towards growth. 

Fleet Funding

Get ready for rush hours, equip your fleet. Get the capital you need to build a robust business.

Marketing Funding

Boost your budget, fuel your campaigns and get the word out.

Grow your mobility business with Bussr.

Try Bussr free for 90 days, no credit card required. By entering your email, you agree to receive marketing emails from Bussr.

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