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Renting Cars and Shuttles: How Leasing Became Easy for Bina Sarana

Bussr’s revolutionary payments infrastructure buys founders, like Didik Prasetyo, the space needed to run their businesses without worrying about sales.

Leasing in Indonesia can be a pain in the neck, businesses like mine can’t afford more hurdles like tracking sales, handling pricing and maintaining cash flow. My name is Didik Prasetyo and I know for a fact that I don’t need to spend a lot of money to fix problems related to sales, cash flow, expansion which all unfortunately impede my company’s journey to growth.

All I needed was an online solution that acted as a one-stop-shop for payments and bookings. With that, I can save a lot of logistical hurdles within my team as well as their talents that can be used in more creative, and in turn productive, tasks… and I was right. Bussr’s holistic payment solution is like a breath of fresh air between all the chaos of business, and in some systemic way it seems to also clear that chaos.



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