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A booking infrastructure in your pocket

An offline problem needs an online solution

Bring your ticket booths to our online payments solution, and let technology take its course.

More reliable.

Get faster payments more reliable than paper tickets that can easily be misplaced, with direct acquiring in every major market. 


Our online payments system enjoys an interface that resonates with customers familiar with ride-hailing apps.

More adoption.

This convenience and security have been shown to increase adoption not just of mobile bookings, but mass transit itself. 

More revenue.

Create innovative new products, optimize every payment, and max out on profits using actionable data and instant insights.

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Real-time in no time

Get our Massimo online payment infrastructure and get access to real-time, transparent booking and sales data for optimal fleet management. 

Accrue payments globally.

100+ processing currencies, 30+ settlement currencies.

Access a plethora of payment methods.

Local payment methods – local cards, APMs, and digital wallets.

Localize your hubs.

Get direct local acquiring in major markets.

Improve customer experience.

Consult with expert local teams in customer behavior.

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Online Payments_Image 2.png

Plug and Play MaaS integration

Bussr's SDK allows you to smoothly integrate with third-party MaaS platforms with a plug-and-play interface.

Get your hands on proprietary, purpose-built apps with the latest technologies.

Plug into developer-friendly APIs and tools and integrate just once.

Play around with various solutions until you settle on what’s right for your business.

Optimize and deploy in a matter of weeks

Save money.

Cut the cost of payments with a transaction-level view and simple reconciliation process.

Fix problems.

Mitigate any bumps with our user-friendly dashboard or reporting API integrated with your systems. 

Boost confidence.

Use primary insights, optimize your payment journey, and innovate as quickly as your customer behaviors change.

Exceed customer expectations

Boost conversion rates and keep customers coming back with secure and seamless payment processing across the board.

Flexible interfaces.

Integrate online payment systems that work well with web, mobile, social, and email.

Minimize errors.

Get creative for a frictionless online payment system.

Protect against fraud.

Shield yourself with smart fraud defense mechanisms powered by machine-learning, data-driven insights, authentication.

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We've made compliance easy

Our payments technology adapts automatically to ever-evolving regulations around the world.


We've got your back.

How to get started with Bussr's Online Payments?

  • Get in touch
    Drop us a line to identify the best plan for your business and receive a proposal tailored to your needs.
  • Set up a test account
    Explore our platform functionalities and make your first test payment.
  • Hop on board
    Done testing? It's time for you to set up your account with the full guidance of our onboarding team.
  • Integrate and optimize
    Merge your products and operations, go live and start processing payments with Bussr.

Payment Resources

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