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Role of “Reviews & Ratings” in the mobility industry

The introduction of ride-sharing apps quickly became a more interactive solution for finding a transportation solution to reach a destination. These platforms also accommodate travelers and drivers to leave reviews and standardized ratings about their experience. This is a significant step up from traditional taxi services, and it enables people to learn more about the person they will be sharing their journey with.

Trust & Safety

First and foremost, when we are getting in a car driven by a stranger, we want to ensure that we can reach our destination safely and in peace. We expect the ride to be uneventful, relaxing, the driver to be knowledgeable about the route, confident in operating the car, navigating the roads, and welcoming us warmly and politely.

A Quick View Into the Travel Experience

Reviews and ratings allow passengers to evaluate the driver from various aspects considering their ability as a driver, the up-keeping of the car, and their welcoming behavior. These reviews and ratings allow other passengers to anticipate the riding experience with the exact driver. This system works both ways, and drivers have the opportunity to mark travelers who are pleasant customers or directly the opposite.

Leaving a dirty car behind, disturbing the driver while on the road, being rude, loud or disrespectful, or generally not being fit for the travel are all reasons for drivers to give low marks to a customer (or refuse to take them at the first place). These Ratings & Reviews are carefully stored in the app to be viewed by others and retrieved quickly before confirming the ride.

Customer Service & Customer excellence

To ensure that both parties receive good ratings, typically, people make an effort to behave well on their rides. The driver welcomes the passenger with a smile, ensures that the seat-belts are used and confirms the caller’s ID (mobile number, destination). The passenger adheres to the rules and standards and of the car company.

Customer Loyalty

Ride-sharing brands that make a solid and proactive effort to cultivate an environment where ratings and reviews are taken seriously can improve and keep their service quality at a higher level. When drivers get positive reviews and are rewarded for those, they certainly feel more valued and appreciated as employees (even if they work part-time or use the ride-sharing job as a gig).


Reviews and Ratings are here to stay. Apart from transportation, we give and read reviews when shopping online before visiting a new restaurant or booking our holidays. This system offers a clear benefit for both parties, and adhering to company standards enables a safe and high-quality customer and employee experience.


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