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The future of transportation ticketing: contactless ticketing

Due to urbanization worldwide, more and more people are moving to cities and requiring efficient public transportation solutions. To be able to accommodate their needs, service providers have to adjust their logistics and set up more efficient systems. One of these solutions is contactless ticketing that helps to replace the old-fashioned far collection systems.

Contactless ticketing operates with an open-loop token, which provides a safe, authenticated, and frictionless payment option for travelers on various transportation solutions. People can use their smartphones and smart devices through Google Pay or Apple Pay to pay their fares.

Simply by eliminating paper tickets, the cost of the ticketing services is reduced. The yearly savings on this step enable service providers to place additional electric vehicles on the roads or even introduce new lines to the transportation network. This saving also provides an opportunity for replacing petrol-fuelled vehicles with electric ones, making neighborhoods greener and healthier.

Green Solution

Apart from eliminating paper tickets and vending machines, contactless ticketing offers various benefits for the environment as well as for the passengers and service providers:


Travelers are able to get through the check-in process. Especially in rush hours, this helps crowd control and makes the travel experience much smoother and more convenient.


Contactless ticketing enables automatic processes and less contact with machines and transportation staff. It helps to keep travelers safe. This is especially critical during COVID when people want to avoid touching things and worry about the spread of illness. However, even during a yearly influenza season, it is beneficial when people are able to travel without having to handle things that come in contact with many other travelers.

Convenience for drivers

Drivers can avoid selling tickets and dividing their attention from the road and the vehicles. Without having to multitask on the road, they can concentrate more on safety and the actual driving. Drivers are less tired during their shifts, enabling higher safety levels for all participants of the transportation network.

Fares are paid

With the contactless ticketing system, people automatically start their journey and are charged when leaving the stations. Fares are paid, and people are unable to evade payments.


It is needless to say that contactless ticketing is the future, and it provides a faster, more cost-effective, and more convenient solution for all participants of urban transportation.


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