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How mobile ticketing in the transportation industry improves customer experience & business process?

With the introduction of mobile ticketing, passengers are able to conveniently use their mobile phones to pay for their transportation fares. It is not only a safe and fast solution, but travellers can get around without having to carry cash on them. Cashless solutions further enable an environment where all rides are paid for, and no employee is needed to multitask with ticket sales or checking tickets.

Travellers don't need to line up at the ticketing booths, and they can make adjustments during their trips. This system also enables a more flexible payment solution that adapts to the travellers' needs.

Improved customer service

Digital transport ticketing guarantees improved customer experience and a connected transportation network. With the simplification of travelling for local travel and occasional visitors and tourists, the mobile ticketing system enhances customer satisfaction and boost loyalty among regular customers.

Insight on consumer behaviour

Through mobile ticketing, the service providers, the local government network and private operators can collect data and better understand customer needs, rush hours, areas prone to traffic accidents etc. Tracking ticketing and transportation data in the back office makes it much easier to understand patterns, prepare for challenges, and find solutions.

Convenient money management

Travellers can load their transportation valet at any time as opposed to having to line up for paper tickets at a ticketing booth. Especially during the morning and evening rush hours, people appreciate a frictionless transaction that helps them get to work or go home faster and more conveniently.

Transaction management:

Mobile payment services such as Apple Pay, Android Pay or Google Pay offer payment management options for paperless ticketing. This solution provides further convenience for the travellers because they have to set up their accounts once and efficiently use the mobile ticketing system. Public transportation hubs are starting to introduce various apps for ticket validation to make processes easier for on-site employees and travellers.

Mobile ticketing is a fast, safe, easy and highly convenient solution for all participants of the transportation network. While replacing the old system of ticketing booths, employees, and turn stalls may take some time, the future of ticketing in the transportation industry and many other sectors is undoubtedly focused on ticketless, mobile solutions.


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