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Benefits of account-based transportation ticketing?

Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) is a ‘ticketless’ solution for people to travel on public transport. Travellers can tap or scan a token and be able to pay for their rides. The fee for the entire trip is automatically deducted from the passengers’ account and calculated according to locations, how many stops they travel and what transportation modes they use during their journey. This also means that if they travel via various transportation solutions such as bus, tram or metro, the system automatically recognized the changes and adjust the fare.

The benefits of Account-Based Ticketing

Apart from being a very convenient and easy payment option, passengers are never over-charged, and they don’t need to worry about having to have a ticket purchased in advance. They also have peace of mind that the fares are automatically calculated instead of having to figure it out when purchasing tickets, such as an automatic ticket vending machine. Multiple ticket journeys are just as easy to manage as single-ride journeys.

Tab/scan and ride

There is no need for validating tickets. Simply scan or tab the reader at the station or on the vehicle. According to the destination, the price of the fare gets deducted.

Flexibility and adaptability

Without ABT, you would have to know where you are travelling and which station is your final destination. With ABT, you can change your mind during your journey, and the system automatically adjusts the charges without buying additional tickets and asking for a refund on your trip.


When you are travelling on special permission such as student or children’s passes, those are marked on the account. The entitlements are considered when the account is charged. There is no need for special steps to purchase a special ticket separately.

Back office

As the ticket fares are calculated in a back office and not at locally-managed readers, it is easier to update, maintain and avoid errors with the ABT systems. Price updates, route changes, concession adjustments and money on the account can be safely and securely managed from the back office. This enables knowledgeable team members to manage the process instead of getting drivers, station staff, and other non-admin staff involved in problem-solving.

Account-Based Ticketing offers nothing but safety, comfort and reliable services for both the transportation companies and the passengers. Adjustment to using ABT is on its way, and we are envisioning an entirely ticketless future of public transport.


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