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Why corporate want their employees to ride share to work?

Employee ride sharing is equally beneficial for the employer and the employees. People carpooling to work is one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce the organization's carbon footprint and take an active part in reducing congestion and the number of cars on the road.

The benefits mentioned above are the most visible and obvious ones; however, there are a few more to mention that creates an impactful change for organizations and employees:

Parking space:

When employees carpool, organizations can save on parking spaces (especially if the premises are located in urban, downtown areas with limited space and high ticket parking areas) as carpooling helps to reduce single drivers arriving at work.

Increased employee productivity

Driving in congested traffic on a daily basis is no fun. Research shows that reducing the days when people have to drive to work just by one day helps improve their overall well-being and mental health. When rides are shared, people get the opportunity to take turns, and while one person drives, the others can rest, plan their workday, catch up on emails and text messages and generally arrive to work better prepared and more relaxed. Being able to start the day on a more organized and calmer slate directly leads to higher employee productivity.

Improved employee morale

During carpooling, people can connect with each other on a personal level that was not possible before. They can get to know each other and build friendships and professional connections that benefit them in more ways than one. The feel-good effect of having conversations on an otherwise uneventful trip is a clear positive benefit. People can initiate social interaction, enrich their lives by meeting new people, and have better mental health.

Employee retention

A happier and more productive workforce is another benefit of ride shares that leads to a higher employee retention rate and a better reputation as an attractive company to work for. When organizations can attract high-quality candidates, it is good for the business and for the overall performance.

Company culture

When employees choose to work for an organization, they look beyond salary and employee benefits and observe its culture and values. Belonging to a brand representing positive change for the future is meaningful and influences employee decisions very clearly.

By collectively making a conscious positive impact on the environment and building an employee network that is more connected with each other, organizations can create a healthier and more productive workforce and environment.


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