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The benefits of using e-scooter fleets around urban cities

In the past years, we’ve seen electric scooters appearing around urban cities. First, it was just as much excitement as headache due to the unregulated parking and drop off, and e-scooters were generally getting in the way of on roads and sidewalks. It was quickly apparent that e-scooters are here to stay, and local governments must adjust to accommodate and regulate their use in urban areas.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Micro Transportation Option

The use of electric scooters for the end-user is self-explanatory. It provides the best solution for easily commuting short distances such as getting around downtown areas, reaching final destination from the public transport stations, and access areas where cars and busses aren’t able to enter.

Environment and Budget-Friendly Solution

The use of electric scooters is low cost, and they are certainly better for the environment than anything that utilizes fossil fuels. With the new trends of declining car purchases, younger generations aren’t focused on owning their cars but rather on reaching their destinations in the highest comfort and speed; the shift towards micro-mobility solutions is evident.

The primary business potential for fleet operators lies in the opportunity for fast and easy scaling. The secondary chance is in the data collected through users, tracking trips, and most popular pick-up and drop-off destinations. Lastly, the electric scooter market also creates new job opportunities, for example, in innovation and development of better equipment such as software development, hardware development (longer-lasting batteries, lighter scooter bodies, and other technical improvements). Also, there is an opportunity to employ people to collect, charge and distribute the scooters around the cities.

Reason for Popularity Amongst Users:

Besides their appealing price point, e-scooters are easy to operate, they require no physical exertion, highly accessible, and people can easily use them in work attire, including skirts, high heels, bags on shoulders.

E-scooters are a solid foundation for the future of micro-mobility and establishing supportive regulations, implementing reliable equipment, and adding easy-to-use apps will enable the further development of the industry.


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