Transit Agencies and Operators

Helping Agencies Increase Ridership and Customer Satisfaction

Bussr enables transit agencies and operators to offer convenient and sustainable mobility solutions that encourage the use of shared mobility.

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Your Free Customized Trip Planner for Your Website

Help your riders plan their journeys directly on your site

Promote your services directly to your website visitors by enabling riders to find the simplest ways to get from point A to point B using public transportation​
Key Benefits for your Transit Agency:

Cut down on customer service calls by providing an alternative, easy way for all your citizens to plan their journeys around town,

Receive monthly origin-destination data reports and user analytics on visitor searches.

Improve your website visitors' user experience with trip planning optimized with your operators' real-time arrivals and integrated service alerts


Our Offerings

Branded Apps

Using your branding, offer your citizens the simplest, and most intuitive, mobility experience

Urban Mobility Analytics

Empowering the smartest decisions you'll make

Fare Payments

A seamless user experience from planning to payment


Identify the right On-Demand service for your city