Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

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Yunita Orchideni


March 16, 2020

Very nice interface, very usefull, especially for employees like me :D I hope the areas can be widened, though. But overall, good effort! Will be waiting for more update and growth of this app hehe

Elle B


November 27, 2019

Nice app. But the routes is too vast and long. It takes about 2 hrs or more from sudirman to tgr. But the bus is comfy. The driver is friendly, and they give out good promotional items. But the free rides is missing. Why is that?

Sekar Sari Melati Asih


October 14, 2019

This application is very usefull. This application is given a best price for my as a student. The facilities is also good and adequate. Thankyou for make this application for make it easy for traveling by bus

Ariel Chandra


October 15, 2019

First time trying out this app, in my opinion this was a great app, easy to use, and the of course providing a good service with a cheap price. It just need a few improvement to make it a perfect app for people. But overall is good enough.

Bays Pangestu


September 18, 2019

Thanks, this application is very useful and the bus facilities are convenient. an easy way to order and display the interface, so it is comfortable to use

Fatimah Afzal


September 18, 2019

It's great application, now you can book your seat with cheaper price than going with your own car, comfortable seat, cold air-conditioning, and easy to access but need more pickup points for the future.

Nindyra Perdani


September 19, 2019

Application easy to use and working fine, recomended to people that use public transportation. Simple and user friendly. Affordable for student. Share arrival time. Good facilities.

Ahmad Eko Purwanto


September 22, 2019

This application has a simple design and simple user interface, make it easy to use. It's also supported google maps, make it event more easy to use..

Mohammad Ali Muiz


September 4, 2019

Overall application is good, with some improvements required. showing the existing route on map will help passenger to select. based on my destination it shows only one route which requires me to walk more than 2 hour for 10 minute ride. something wrong with algorithm but really appreciate such break through for sharing ride improvement. i give 5 star and advice for improvement

Novridaniar Dinis


September 8, 2019

Very convenient transportation that we can use for every day commute to school, work or any where you'd like to. Very easy to get the seat, so that when you reach destination, so you don't feel tired especially after work.

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