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Bussr is a young mobility provider that has been changing the way millions of people travel in Indonesia since 2019 via its Bussr brand. As a unique combination of tech-startup, e-commerce platform and transportation company, Bussr quickly became Indonesia's largest intercity bus network, helping millions of people reach their destinations. Thanks to a user-friendly booking system and extensive daily route network, Bussr offers travelers the opportunity to experience the world, no matter their budget. Our green buses comply with the highest safety and environmental standards, allowing us to offer a sustainable, convenient and comfortable alternative to private transportation.

Bussr Facts

100,000+ of customers since launch

100,000+ of passengers have already traveled with us, 6 millions in 2019 alone.

2,500+ destinations, 90 cities

Bussr connects 2,500+ destinations in 90 cities, a number which is growing nearly every day.

400,000+ connections per day

We connect cities with 400,000+ trips – often departing every 30 minutes.

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