Pocket-Powered Ticketing


Mobile Ticketing Transport Solutions

Whether you were a passenger or an operator, crumpled and lost paper tickets were never the most reliable form of ticketing.  Bussr's mobile ticketing thrusts public transport ticketing firmly into the 21st century, offering unrivaled convenience, safety, and surety.


Pleased Passengers

For passengers, Bussr mobile ticketing is as easy to use as familiar ride-hailing apps, and far more secure than stuffing a paper ticket into a long-forgotten jacket pocket. This convenience and security have been shown to increase adoption not just of mobile ticketing, but public transport itself. 


Smooth Operators

For public transport operators, FastRide mobile ticketing offers real-time, transparent booking and sales data for optimal fleet management. Bussr's mobile ticketing allows every passenger to be accounted for across multiple fleets and operational areas.


Plug and Play MaaS Integration

Bussr's SDK allows you to smoothly integrate with third-party MaaS platforms with plug and play ease.

Deploy in weeks, not months

Bussr mobile ticketing is a mature but growing system, meaning it can be fully deployed by any transit operator in a matter of weeks. That means no cumbersome software development, just proven mobile ticketing solutions for smooth roads ahead. 

Zero to low investment

Bussr mobile ticketing is already a proven performer, you don't need to worry about large upfront investments for software development. Because mobile ticketing costs are shared across thousands of transport operators from around the world. In fact, depending on how you validate your tickets, the investment required could be zero. 

Queues are so 2019

Why line up for a ticket when you can book from literally anywhere? Bussr's mobile ticketing means fewer passenger queues and fuller public transport platforms.

Silky-smooth scalability

Bussr's Payments-as-a-Service model means you can scale seamlessly as and when you need it. It also means that mobile ticketing services are constantly improved as we innovate based on global feedback. 

From hand-in-pocket to ticket-in-hand

Bussr's mobile ticketing system allows for recent trip history and secure saved payment options, meaning ticket booking speed is only limited by how fast a passenger can pull their phone from their pocket.


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