A fully evolved and flexible solution to launch, manage, and scale up your micro-mobility business.


A Superior Microbility Solution Should Be as Agile as the Scooters and Bikes It Runs On

Bussr’s white-label operating system is mature and flexible enough to have a full micromobility fleet running within days.  Advanced analytics, payment gateways, and backend system management provide you with the tools to scale as quickly as possible. Even better, Bussr can assist in hardware choice, insurance, and marketing. 


Bespoke Micromobility Solutions

With Bussr, every feature is tailored to your needs. Our fully adaptable dashboard features real-time tracking, support alerts, and real-time analytics.


Cut Through the Red Tape for a Greener City

Bussr has put considerable effort into understanding the RFP process and what it takes to successfully greenlight your micromobility pilot program or transit system. All of Bussr’s technology is built with data compliance and city provisions in mind, and we can help you get the go-ahead on your initiative. 


Roam Where You

Want To

Bussr can help you select the right hardware for your needs. Choose from our pre-vetted collection of e-bikes, electric scooters, bikes, mopeds, and smart locks. Every vehicle we recommend is from a world-leading innovator in micro-mobility, and fully integrates with our IoT systems. 


Set Your Scale Speed

Grow your fleet from modest to truly massive with Bussr’s scalable deployment systems.  Bussr was built from the ground up, to build you from the ground up. 


Be the Best Dressed App in Town

Your completely made-to-order micromobility app will be entirely yours, both in terms of branding and features. Our white-label app solutions include multi-rider statistics, multiple payment options, and long-term vehicle rentals.


Increase Your Micromobility Market Share With Marketing Solutions

Bussr’s built-in marketing solutions allow you to market your micromobility brand through tailored advertising, membership upselling, and targeted promo code distribution.

Leaving Nothing but Happy Travelers Across the Globe

Bussr’s partners have given their customers millions of clean, green, carbon-reducing miles around the world.

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