A simple, fast, and familiar ticketing system for the 21st century.


Bussr contactless ticketing system for public transport

Contactless card payments have been around for a few years now, but have seen a genuine uptick in adoption in a post-covid world.


Payments are as easy as tapping a card on a terminal — the system then precisely calculates the fare in an instant, and the passenger is ready to travel.  


With contactless ticketing, the passenger can bypass the ticket purchase altogether, allowing for passenger convenience, and reduced operator costs. 

Why travel to get a ticket to travel?

Almost everyone has a contactless payment card already in their wallet or purse, so there is no need to go out and buy a ticket beforehand. Just grab your contactless ticket, and you're ready to go.

Fairness in fare capping 

Bussr's contactless payment system allows for fares to be capped at any particular point. This means if a passenger travels a certain number of times in any given period, you can automatically upgrade them to a cheaper payment structure, or cap their fares altogether. Passengers get fairer fares without even thinking about it, and operators automatically build customer adoption and loyalty.

Fumble-free ticketing

No cash, no coins. Just tap and go. Paying for a ride on public transport is that simple. Quicker onboarding, faster trips, and happier, less-stressed passengers. 

Fewer issues, fewer issues 

Because operators will have to issue fewer physical tickets, there are fewer issues in terms of admin, cash handling, waste, and distribution.


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