Empower Your Employees to Organize Shared Rides to Work


Save Time and Change the Environment 

Your employees will enjoy the benefits of saving on transport costs, and the satisfaction of reducing their carbon footprint. Reshape the humdrum commute into an enjoyable social event to look forward to.


Help Change the Course of Climate Change 

Every day, our roads are choked with single-occupant cars crawling their way to work. Help your employees reduce the number of cars on the road and their carbon footprint along the way. The world will see your efforts, and put you in good standing with your community. 


A Good Car Park Is a Stark Car Park

It’s simple really — if fewer cars travel to your workplace, that means less parking costs. With an optimized Bussr employee carpooling solution, every driver can have preferred parking privileges. 

Solution Overview

Driver 2_Light_Artboard.png

User App

Provide a one-stop solution over office commute problems to your employees.

Email Authentication

Get started with your carpooling software by authenticating your official email id.

Co-Traveler Profiles

Users can access information about the rider and co-travelers, providing them more convenience and comfort in traveling.

Real-Time Updates

Users receive alerts of their ride location via push notifications.

Notification Alerts

Timely trip-related updates via push notifications and email.

Real-time Tracking

Supported by high precision GPS tracking to search for your rides.

Favorite Location

Users can ‘star’ frequently used pickup and drop locations for faster requests.

Confirm/Cancel Trip

Confirm your pickup and drop-off location to book the ride. Edit or cancel any time before your ride starts.

Ride History

The user has full access to track the booking history and monitor the status of each trip including canceled trips.


Users are able to create an account using Facebook and Google sign up or mutually.


Users can use a built-in SOS button during emergencies, 24/7 customer care support.

Corporate Carpooling Solution That Works Effectively For Your Organization

Employee Engagement

Create a more cohesive employee community by increasing employee engagement.

Employee Productivity

Increase your employees as well as organizational productivity by providing them a comfortable transport solution.

Time Optimization

Develop a carpooling app with advanced analytics capability & ride-matching algorithm and ensure that no redundant time is wasted.

Encouraging Punctuality

All of your employees will arrive more or less at the same time, which results in a more efficient & consistent province culture.

Reduce Costs

Decrease your spend on providing new parking and cab facilities by opting for corporate carpooling for your employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Improve your social and environmental performance.

Commitment To Sustainability

Enhance the engagement for protecting the sustainability commitment

Carpooling App Benefits for Corporate

Develop a carpooling app that saves employees' time & money, reduces their stress, and helps them to comprehend with their colleagues, providing incredible benefits to corporations.

Motivate Workforce

Carpoolers suffer less commute-related stress and work more productively.

Save On Parking Costs

Reduce parking charges, maintenance & construction costs by allowing your employees to share their ride to work.

Eco-smart Solution

Diminishes carbon footprint, enhances sustainability.

Reduce Traffic Volume

Traffic jams causes pollution and increases carbon footprint. Through carpooling, enterprises can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance their CSR values.

Bussr can design a bespoke system made to order for your carpool service needs.


Full Requirement Analysis

Receive personalized interactions for extensive requirement elicitation.

Server Deployment & Backup

We’ll provide on-premises set up of your taxi hailing system for full command of your data.

Built-In Payment Integration

Benefit from baked in support for popular payment services.

Security Compliance

Effortlessly meet HIPAA and other compliance requirements with full data security audits. 

Integrated Notifications

Communicate instantly with SMS alerts, push notifications, and email updates.

App Store Submissions

Let your customers see your app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Analytics Integration

Integrate Bussr with your favorite analytics platform. 

Full Support & Maintenance

Enjoy our commitment of ongoing technical support for seamless operations.