College Students

Enabling Reliable, Safe Mobility to Eliminate Campus Congestion and Commuter Challenges

Bussr’s mobility solutions meet your needs and the needs of your students and faculty, increasing safety and accessibility, and helping solve your campus mobility challenges.

Redefining Campus Transportation

Bussr empowers universities and schools to provide user-friendly, efficient ways for getting around campus that reduce congestion, improve accessibility, and help your students get to class quickly and easily. Access to real-time data and analytics in an easy-to-use dashboard allows administrators to easily operate the service, optimizing it to their specific needs. No matter the size of your campus or the unique challenges you face,Bussr’s suite of MaaS solutions offers the answers to your problems. 

Deliver Benefits to Your Riders and Operations Team

Offer Effective Mobility Options
  • Offer quick rides between buildings or between campuses of large schools

  • Enable easy access to main points of interest on campus

  • Provide convenient first-/last-mile connectivity from public transportation to reduce the need for on-campus parking

Easily Manage Mobility Services
  • Use a single web-based platform to perform all your real-time fleet management, dispatch, and communication

  • Automate shuttle services and optimize as needed in real-time

  • Improve the efficiency of your fleet and maximize your resources

Provide Safe, Accessible Rides
  • Offer students with late studying hours a safe, reliable ride home

  • Enable students and faculty with disabilities to conveniently get around campus

  • Reduce on-campus and nearby congestion, even during big events

Our Offerings

Branded Apps

Using your branding, offer your citizens the simplest, and most intuitive, mobility experience

Urban Mobility Analytics

Empowering the smartest decisions you'll make

Fare Payments

A seamless user experience from planning to payment


Identify the right On-Demand service for your city

Fleet Sharing

Empowering Cities Across SEA & Emerging markets with Smart MaaS Solutions

A comprehensive solution to make employee transport management operations.

Providing transport management solutions for the education industry.

Provide fast, reliable and cost-effective non-emergency medical transportation.

Ride Hailing

Enable employees to organize shared rides to work and cut emissions.

Expand, automate, optimize and grow your taxi business operations with a white label taxi app solution



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