Bussr for Business

How are we different from other employee transportation companies?

For Employers

  • A flexible per-employee monthly subscription plan,

  • Shorter trips powered by a smart routing algorithm,

  • An employee app that offers full control to your staff,

  • A growing network means an ever improving route efficiency,

  • Operations reports that automatically come to your inbox every morning

For Drivers

  • Always on time payments,

  • No deductions, no hidden costs,

  • No forced fuel buying,

  • High operational quality with new vehicles backed by our own fleet,

  • Technical and safety training support for better operations quality.

For Passengers

  • Reduction in time spent in traffic,

  • Control your experience with the employee mobile app,

  • Unlimited access to the entire Bussr transportation network at no extra cost.

How to contact us

Companies and business customers – book business travels with Bussr

Bussr has moved a lot on the young long-distance bus market. Get on board and become a pioneer in modern business travelling.

Advantages of a business partnership with Bussr

Decrease travel costs and travel sustainably

Business logins with monthly collective settlements and booking reports

Sockets on every seat

2,500 destinations in 29 countries An increasing number of express connections without any intermediate stops

Free Wi-Fi

Premium seat reservation + neighbour seat for more space

Easy to rebook & cancel

Looking for your routes?

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Fleet Sharing

Empowering Cities Across SEA & Emerging markets with Smart MaaS Solutions

A comprehensive solution to make employee transport management operations.

Providing transport management solutions for the education industry.

Provide fast, reliable and cost-effective non-emergency medical transportation.

Ride Hailing

Enable employees to organize shared rides to work and cut emissions.

Expand, automate, optimize and grow your taxi business operations with a white label taxi app solution



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