Public Transport Ticketing — Without the Tickets


Tickets Are Now Optional

Just like cash, physical tickets are becoming a relic of the past. Bussr's account based-ticketing allows passengers to pay for a journey with widely available NFC-enabled tokens, cards, and mobile devices. Tap your token, card, or mobile device on the driver's dock, and smartly works out the total fare in an instant.  


Bussr account-based ticketing — a green light for passengers and operators

A two-way ticketing street

Traditionally, trip and fare information was held solely on the user's payment card. With Bussr's account-based ticketing, all information is also sent back to your head office, allowing you to collect and analyze travel data across your public transport fleets. 

Continually evolving advantages

Thanks to its Payment as a Service platform, Bussr's account-based ticketing system is constantly improving, based on feedback from thousands of fellow transport operators from around the world. 

No more lost tickets

With no physical ticket to lose, passengers save face, and you save time in admin and ticket retrieval.

Less waste and reduced costs

Because no physical tickets are required, there is less waste in the environment, and reduced costs in printing, distribution, and cash-handling admin.


Not only will your bottom line look better, but you can also tell the world how you've smartly reduced your carbon footprint.   


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